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We are very passionate about and specialize in helping businesses improve their overall marketing plan. We show you how to become more interactive and build relationships with your customers; through modern, eye catching, interactive mobile marketing solutions. But We Don't Stop There! Social Media & Digital Marketing: ProText Mobile will create a custom strategy to drive your brand. Our digital marketing strategies leverage our technical expertise to put your organization's marketing initiatives on the cutting edge. Our capabilities include complete digital marketing strategies, website design & implementation, and social media strategy. Brand Creation: Your Brand is the most important part of your company. We understand how to create and how to sell your brand. We can help with all of your branding needs no matter how big or how small. We are here to give your brand a awesome image into the public's eyes. Design: Web design is about much more than looking good. It's about marrying interactive graphic design services with superior usability to deliver a solution that both excites your users and meets your business goals. We pride ourselves on creating visually compelling, effective websites that are easy for current and prospective users to navigate. We also offer top notch Social Media Design Packages. Not to mention that we ROCK when it comes to video! Our motion graphic experts can create Awesome video that will knock your customers socks off! All of these services are geared towards helping you increase customer loyalty, generating new customer interest, creating more business for your company and ultimately increase profits.

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Text Message Marketing

Mobile text message marketing makes up the foundation of ProText Mobile's All-in-One Marketing Solution. No other marketing medium has proven to be as immediate & targeted.

Social Media Marketing

Manage your social media campaigns and integrate SMS text marketing strategies with ProText Mobile's Post-to-Sites feature. Manage Twitter & Facebook with this option.

Appointment Reminders

Our mobile text messaging reminder feature allows you to easily queue & send automated appointment reminders via SMS. Perfect for Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Spas, Beauty Salons, Automobile Service Centers , and much more.

Bulk SMS Service

Businesses utilize ProText Mobile's web-based software for their mobile keyword technology & Bulk Texting Services. They utilize the Mobile Keywords to get people to opt-in, and then using our Marketing Platform they send out Bulk SMS Text Messages.

Easy Email Marketing

Email used to be the only game in town with internet advertising. However, its effectiveness has started to slide significantly. With ProText Mobile, composing a message, building a customer marketing list, emailing a campaign and tracking it are as easy as using your favorite email software or webmail.

Mobile Coupons

You can offer free gifts, discounts, incentives, and reminders to your customers with ProText Mobile's Mobile Coupon Platform. Create unique promotion codes for each individual SMS Mobile Coupon and track the redemption and revenue earned from it. With this kind of capability, why pay for print coupons?.

Mobile Voting

Create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes, polls and “ask a multiple choice question” with up to ten choices. As people vote via text messaging, every vote is tallied so that it’s really easy for you to analyze the results. Allows voters to vote only once. Repetitive votes for same choice are ignored. Send out results to your customers & keep them entertained.

Picture Messaging

Instantly communicate a thousand words in a single text message by sending a high-impact SMS picture message. Join the new trends in social media and multi-channel marketing by sending picture links directly to peoples’ Internet-enabled mobile phones.

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